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This page contains rantings of a programmer on a journey of discovery and fun. What was accomplished along this path is also shown here.

Deep Speed

This game is a high speed deep sea racer.  It includes some combat elements, much like 'Mario Kart' and other games of that type.  It was developed by my team Caffeine Pirates. It was a great learning experience for all of us.  Deep Speed was developed with the Unity3D game engine using C#. 

Deep Speed is the racing competition where everyone who participates pays a massive entry fee. The winner takes all. You're competing against some of the oceans most colorful characters.  You can race it out against the AI in single player mode or against your friends in multiplayer mode.  If racing isn't your passion we also have a mine hunt mode. Practice in single player and battle it out against your friends in multiplayer. You will have your color of mines you need to hunt. Reach the point cap before your friends and you win. Gain points by destroying mines, the smaller the more valuable. If you destroy the wrong color you loose points. Collecting item chests also award points. Shoot an enemy, they loose points. Watch your back because you also loose points if shot.




  • Left Shift : Throttle
  • W / A / S / D : Up / Down / Left / Right
  • Space : Shoot Item
  • Q : Shoot Torpedo



Unity Web Player | Rite of Passage

Unity Web Player | Rite of Passage

Caffeine Pirates development team:

Gudeev, Andreas - Character/Ship Artist

Irmscher, Al - Design

Tverdik, Jan - Environment Artist

Wentz, Chad - Team Lead, Programming, Design

Special thanks to Pavel Weber for helping with AI.