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This page contains rantings of a programmer on a journey of discovery and fun. What was accomplished along this path is also shown here.

I have decided to create my own personal twitch chat bot and it is called liberty bot that is created with C#.   It has been really fun to learn and to create. 


It will have the following functionalities:

  • Twitter Integration - Check if users follow on twitter and more.
  • YouTube Integration - Check if users follow on youtube and more.
  • Twitch REST - integrate twitch rest api functionality not just chat moderation
  • Localization - multilingual support.
  • Moderator specific commands and User specific commands each of the following commands have different options based if the user is a mod or a follower.
  • Mod Support
  • Unique Minigame - Not designed yet but will have a unique game for viewers to play in chat.
  • Full twitch chat viewer and shows Badges and Emoticons of users.
  • Unity3d Integration
  • !8ball - ask the 8ball and it responds with the answer.
  • !achievements - lists the users achievements
  • !bet - users can place bets
  • !custom - create a custom command in the chat unique for the client.
  • !list - lists the commands that a user can do
  • !raffle - raffle to choose a winner from a pool of users, my raffle command is unique in that users have a factor where users who win more often to have a lower chance to win and each round the previous winners cannot win to promote a fair raffle.
  • !random -  returns a random number between two numbers (default is 0-100)
  • !rank - displays the rank of the user who called the command
  • !russianRoulette - random chance to timeout the user or reward points
  • !shoutout - shoutout command that will alert chat when defined users join the channel and gives a shout out to them.
  • !sound - users can trigger sounds from the chat by "purchasing" a sound effect with their points they have.
  • !stats - the stats of the user
  • !time - the total time that the user has been watching the stream.
  • !uptime - the time of the current streamers session.
  • !vote - vote for options