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This page contains rantings of a programmer on a journey of discovery and fun. What was accomplished along this path is also shown here.

What Would a Seal do?

This game was created in the Global Game Jam hosted by Chasing Carrots in Stuttgart in 2015.  We wanted to try and create a stealth action game where when a player was found, would have a dance off against the other seals.

You can download it here at the GGJ page.

The Player wakes up in a smoking fighter aircraft, that was forced to land. Bord Computer talks (sound/text): "Hello Captian, as you've no doubt realized: We crashlanded. By the way thank you for flying us directly into a strong gravitational field. That's was a wormhole, like I told you. So guess what, we've travelled into the "future"! After the melting of the polar caps beautiful and cute seals now live everywhere. And they love dancing! (Pause) The seals are cute and all but if they catch you, they'll keep you as their pet. And as much as I like the idea of getting rid of you, I can't get back home without you finding replacement parts for my engine. Good luck Captain!